NASA scientists say plants help to beat colds and reduce insomnia

The presence of plants reduces stress, anxiety and mops up pollutants research from NASA and the American College revealed.


  • They may look pretty in our garden but scientists maintain that we can reap plenty of health benefits of plants by bringing them indoors.
  • While experts have long preached the benefits of house plants, scientists are now saying that popping some greenery on your table can boost your health.
  • The presence of plants reduces stress, anxiety and helps with the removal of airborne pollutants.


Some of the better varieties include:


  • Dwarf date palm: This plant is hardy, drought-tolerant and long-lived and it’s brilliant at removing indoor air pollutants – especially xylene.
  • Peace lily: This beautiful plant can cleanse air and improve it by 60 per cent. It also absorbs mould spores through its leaves and circulates them its roots to use as food.
  • Lady palm: This houseplant is one of the most effective plants at cleansing the air of formaldehyde, ammonia, xylene and toluene.


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