Office Plant Guide: Part 1 – Choosing the right location for your plants

One of the most common mistakes we see when inspecting offices is plants chosen are not suitable for the location.  The truth is, you should decide where you want your plants first before you decide on which varieties. This is because different plants will thrive in different spots, depending on the amount of space and light available.

The things that we look at when planning and installation include:


  • Just like people, plants need a certain amount of space to really thrive.
  • Sufficient airflow to allow the plants to breathe.
  • For a healthy, long-living plant airflow helps to maintain better temperature control, replenish CO2 and resist certain diseases.


With that in mind, we follow these guidelines:

  • We don’t try to squeeze your plants in a corner or behind furniture. Always make sure your plant has enough room to thrive.
  • Place plants in spots with good air circulation like hallways, in front of windows and on top of tables or desks.
  • For rooms with little airflow we recommend keeping the door open whenever the room is not in use to allow for better air circulation.




  • Offices tend to have high-traffic areas such as entrances, bathrooms etc.
  • With this in mind we place plants strategically so that they do not get in the way and get knocked over




  • Air conditioning causes the soil to dry out. With this in mind regular maintenance and watering is a must for strong healthy looking plants