Top 5 reasons to have plants in the office

1. Reduced Stress

Studies have shown that having plants in your office reduces stress levels, up to 60 as much as percent. The visual benefit of seeing greenery from plants helps to reduce stress levels, resulting in more relaxed environment. Being less anxious makes you less likely to become angry or irritated at those around you.

2. Improved Health

There is evidence that plants in the office can reduce sickness and absence. The positive effects of plants on health could be due to the increased moisture levels in the air. Plants have been shown to reduce coughing and dry, dehydrated throats and skin.

3. Improved Air Quality

Plants can make your office a healthier, more enjoyable place to be by improving air quality. Airborne chemicals, dust, mold and bacteria can all be filtered from the air with plants, helping you and your co workers breathe easier in your workplace.

4. Increased Productivity

Not only do plants help you be more relaxed at work, they also can help you be more productive. Studies have shown that simply having plants in an office can increase productivity. Having a plant in your line of sight at work can help you mentally engage with your surroundings and get more done.

5. Increased Creativity

Plants can help you be more creative in the workplace as well. Having a space that includes visual elements can help encourage your mind to think creatively as well as encourage the expression and sharing of opinions, leading to a more collaborative and creative workplace.

Sourced from Horticulture Magazine.