Plants at Work has the experience to transform office areas in to vibrant productive work spaces.

Having been in the indoor plant hire industry for almost 100 years with offices throughout Australia, Plants at Work is a leader in the supply and maintenance of indoor plants.

Our range includes that latest in modern planters and customised built in solutions that provide new experiences daily for staff and visitors.

Plants at Work – Modern planters and plant solutions.

Our Indoor Plant Service offerings include

There’s no better way to brighten any office environment than by incorporating plants into your interior design.

Design consultation

One of our designers will make a site visit, evaluating light as well as the style and use of the space. Our designers have a broad range of experience and will work with you to come up with a plan that suits.

Expert Installation

After selecting the best plants to suit the area, our expert installation team will complete the fit-out to your schedule. Our team is well versed in making as  minimal impact as possible on the day to day operations.

Plant maintenance service

We offer weekly and bi-weekly interior plant care packages. Our trained technicians will make scheduled visits when it is convenient for you. Maintenance includes watering, pruning, cleaning and detailed plant care.


Green Walls add a new dimension to any office space giving employees a stimulating healthy work environment. Engineered to grow the plants will continue to evolve on a daily basis. For customers visiting they will stop and take notice as they are a real show stopper.



A Green Divider is a perfect way to separate spaces within an office whilst keeping a modern natural feel. Producing oxygen throughout the day, green dividers are the perfect way to create a healthier office.



Cluster plant installations slow foot traffic and attract attention bringing customers to centres and keeps them their longer. Whether it be from the ceiling enabling visibility from all angles or in open spaces, plants are the perfect solution for creating interest and harmony.

Wall Mounted Planters

Planters to transform reception areas and blank walls. Low maintenance that add a dash of colour and nature.

Column Planters

Turn the office column into an office feature. Plants are added to the top of a column and grow down to make a truly remarkable office feature.

Hanging Planters

Hanging Planters bring life to an area. Ideal for communal rooms or along a bank of windows to add harmony to everyone's busy schedules.

Large Plant Installations

Plants at Work at specialists for large open areas and commercial installations. Our experience and plant volumes make us one of the leaders in the industry today.

Planter Units

Planter units, simple ways to divide up spaces and to create atmosphere whilst providing a healthier work place.

Desktop Planters

Desktop planters to add colour and brighten up work spaces. Simple and best of all we will maintain them for you.


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